Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rupees Ten for the Teachers

Sandipan Sinha :- Fifth of September is the ani day of a great philosopher and teacher who was also the President of India Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan . Though he was a great man, he did not forget his village teacher who gave him the foundation of education. When Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan met his village teacher as a president, he touched the feet of his teacher as a mark of respect.
Remembering this great act the Government of India declared fifth September as a ‘ Teacher’s Day’ and is celebrated in all schools throughout the length and breadth of the country. The Durgapur Child Study and Development Centre run by Durgapur Women Fellowship for Christian Service aims to impart education to the slum children of Durgapur. A few years back these children were wandering around the streets, dirty, using abusive language and some even engaged in petty slealing. It was the aim of the women fellowship to help these children who are neglected by their parents to give them a better life in the future by imparting and encouraging them with value based education.
The result of the three years labor by the women fellowship was seen on 5th September 2009, when the children of the poorest of the society gave leadership in collecting Rupees Ten to buy small gifts for their teachers as a mark of respect and love. On that day the children organized themselves and put up a good cultural programme and also served them a delicious lunch for the teachers. As they performed their show, it was seen that they did it with confidence which portraits a ray of new hope for these children to come up in life. This ‘Transformed Life’ will help eradicate illiteracy in India .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Mr.Ayan Kumar Tudu( President ):- 30th August,2009: A huge day in the history of St.Michael’s Church. After around 15 years of sleeping the Youth and Sunday school have risen up and started their journey towards a better future with a giant leap. Under the dynamic and encouraging leadership of Rev. Mrs. Swagata Das around 40 youth and Sunday school students gathered in the premises of St.Michael’s Church to celebrate that day as Youth and Sunday school day.
After it was announced on the previous Sunday that on 30th August, 2009 our Church is going to have a Youth and Sunday school program then from that day onwards our youths started to gather collect funds from Church members and to our surprise money kept pouring in from all corners and response from each and every member of our Church members was encouraging and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
The theme of the program was “We are the salt of the Earth”. The Church service was taken by the Youths and after it was over, the program started. It began with our Reverend dividing us into five groups. After that we played games had quiz competition followed by debate on various topics and then we had poster writing competition. Both the youth and Sunday school thoroughly enjoyed them. After lunch the program again resumed and prizes were distributed to respective winners of the games and various competition. Prizes were also distributed to the Sunday school students as an appreciation for their participation. At last the program ended with a vote of thanks to the organizers, musician and lastly and most fittingly giving thanks and praise to Lord Jesus Christ for making that day a memorable day for each one us present there.
Personally it was a great experience for me as I came to know more about the truth that God is always by us to help us in our work as without his glorious presence this humongous program would not have been possible. I also realized if God is with us who can be against us. I am sure that each one present there would agree with me. Moreover we are looking forward to organize this type of program more in the near future not only for our pastorate but also along with other pastorates.
God be with you all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rehabilitation Work for ‘Aila’ Victms

K.N.Das:-Cyclone Aila which hit West Bengal in May 2009, left at least thousand homeless. The district of Midnapur which was effected is within the Diocesan boundry of Durgapur Diocese. The diocese in its first place work of distributed clothes, utensils, and food items to one thousand people who were affected.

As a part of the second phase few houses and six deep tube wells be build. The first two houses have been started at Khejuri I, in the district of Midnapur. The house of Srimanta Pradhan, a 50 year old man had a mud house has been destroyed. His house is now being build. Srimanta is a farmer who has 6 Katha of land and cultivates paddy. But the rice which he gets is only enough for two months of the year. Rest of the maintain his family comprising of wife and two small sons.

The second house is now being build of Sasadhar Giri a sexty five year old man who has a wife and a son. His mud house was destroyed and the Diocese of Durgapur is building his house. Sasadhar Giri is farmer with ten katha of land and he cultivates rice. But the rice whihch he gots from the farm is only enough for six months. He also ha sa cow and sells milk and earns Rs. 200/- per month.

We are thankful to the Methodist Church, United Kingdom and Episcopal Relief and Development fund for their support for his rehabilitation work.